Day 47: Knit Bracelet- Anthropologie Remake


Supplies: Worsted weight yarn, size 7 knitting needles (give or take a size), tapestry needle, necklace chain, small keychain rings (they’re not actually keychains, but it’s that same style), wire cutters, needle nose pliers, your favorite kind of clasp

Time: 2 hours or so (maybe less if you’re more skilled with jewelry-making)

Another day, another Anthropologie remake!  While browsing the other day, I also came across this knit bracelet.

I love the idea of pairing yarn with metal.  This bracelet is so simple and elegant!  Since Anthropologie’s version costs a whopping $158, I thought I’d try my own.  I started by casting on 15 stitches.

Then I knit a few rows in stockinette stitch before binding off.  Stockinette stitch naturally curls around, so I used that curl to make the bracelet.  Anthropologie’s bracelet has the knit side facing out (even though they call it “Purl One Bracelet”), but I wanted to try the purl side on the outside.

Then I moved on to the chain.  I bought a 90″ chain, measured it around my wrist, and cut nine equal lengths.

The chain actually came with clasps and those tiny rings with end you can pull apart.  I took one of those rings, opened it up, and put the end link from three of the chains on the ring.

Then I closed the ring with my pliers.  I closed the ring and repeated the process with the other six chains.  Then I attached the three small rings to the larger keychain ring.

When I finished that, I did the same thing to the other end of the chain to make a nice bundle of chains like this:

I placed the chain link into the middle of the knit tube and sewed it closed.

I attached the clasps to the keychain rings and put on the new bracelet.

I’m not as excited with the end result as I’d hoped, so I’m going to do some tweaking.  I think the knit part is a little too bulky, so I’m going to cut it off to make a new one.  I also think I’ll stick with the original and put the knit side out.  The biggest change I’m going to make will involve the way the chain and yarn are connected.  If you look closely you’ll see that the chain on Anthropologie’s bracelet is attached directly to the yarn.

I’m going to cut the chain in the middle, shorten the ends, and attach the end link to the yarn.  Come back tomorrow for a double giveaway!  I’ll be giving away the adjusted bracelet and the earrings I’ll be making tomorrow.  Two chances to win!  Yay!



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