Day 46: Suede Bobby Pins- Anthropologie Remake


Supplies: Thin suede (you can use leather, or probably even really thin ribbon), bobby pins, hot glue, scissors

Time: 5 minutes per pin

A couple nights ago I spent some time looking through the Anthropologie’s accessory section.  I love Anthroplogie, but it’s just too expensive!  I’ve seen a lot of Anthropologie remakes around the internet, so today I thought I’d try my own.  I saw these simple but pretty bobby pins:

I got a set of regular little bobby pins at the store.  I also found some thin suede.  Anthropologie’s pins are made with leather, but I found some suede and decided to use that.  I used a little hot glue to attach the end of the suede to the bottom of the bobby pin.  It should cover maybe a third of the bottom of the pin.

Then continue to glue the suede to the rest of the bobby pin and cut the end.

When you have a nicely covered bobby pin cut another length of suede and tie a bow.  You can make it however you want.  Mine looked like this:

Then glue the bow onto the pin.  I glued it so the ends of the bow straddle the pin, but when I make more I’ll do it with both ends on one side of the pin.

The Anthropologie bobby pins are $22 for two pins!  These cost so little I’d have to do a bunch of division to figure out the cost per pair.  It’s much much less than $22!  I think I’ll also make some with uncovered pins and a bow.  That way the pin will blend into my hair, but the bow will be there.  Cute!

The great thing about making your own pins (besides the huge price difference) is that you can make them look different if you want.  You can alter things to make them just for you!  The moral of the story: when you see something you like in a catalogue or at a store try to think about how you could make it yourself.  There are plenty of things we probably can’t make, but when you can it’s really fun!  Enjoy!



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