Day 45: Glitter Shoes


Supplies: 3 ounces(ish) glitter, a couple ounces Mod Podge, foam brush, bowl for mixing, one pair of blank flats (even old ones!)


Time: 30 minutes to make, several hours to dry

I have this pair of flats that I’ve needed to retire for quite some time. They were cheap Target flats that I bought two years ago and they’ve probably been ready to die for the last year or more. You see, I have trouble getting rid of clothes. I hate to spend money on clothes, so I keep them (and usually wear them) way past their expiration dates.


So when I saw a tutorial for making glitter shoes (if you’re my age think Dorothy shoes from Target or Walmart). I never would have imagined it could be done, but now I have a nice newish pair of glittery flats. Here’s how it’s done.

Pour the glitter into a bowl. I seriously considered getting red glitter, but decided a mixture of colors would be more me. There’s a little red in there still.


Add a little Mod Podge to the glitter and mix it all up. You don’t want it to be too runny, but if you don’t add enough it’ll clump and won’t spread well.


Using a foam brush, start painting the glitter paste onto the shoes.


It’s going to take a few coats. I started these late last night and was able to get two pretty good coats on before I let them dry overnight. I found that clumps will fall off if you try to put too much wet on wet. I let the shoes dry overnight and added a final coat this morning.


By the time I left for work this afternoon my shoes were dry and ready. The original tutorial says to spray the shoes with a sealing spray, but I didn’t want to spend the money. I might get some eventually, but the glitter seems to be staying pretty well!


This was a really cool tutorial and I can’t wait to see what else the ladies over at We Are Not Martha have up their sleeves!

See you tomorrow,



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