Day 44: Felt Flowers


Supplies: Felt, large coin for tracing, pen or sharpie for tracing, fabric scissors, embroidery thread, needle, hot glue, button or pom pom or something for the middle of the flower.


Time: 15 minutes

Today I made flowers for yesterday’s giant inspiration board! The corners on my board are not that pretty and they could be helped out a lot by just a little embellishment. I found this great tutorial and I’ve been wanting to make these flowers for awhile.

You start these simple flowers by tracing a large coin (I used a Susan B. Anthony) seven times on your felt. Seven circles will make one flower.


Then cut out each of the circles. Try to get all the markings off. There’s a marker out there that’s made for embroidery that fades after awhile do you aren’t left with marks. I might get one someday, but a good old black sharpie is probably fine for this.


Fold one circle in half and poke a threaded and knotted needle through one end.


Do the same with the rest of the circles.


Then you’ll loop the thread around by pulling the needle back through the petals again. Pull them tight.


Tie the string and flip over your new flower!


Then you can either be done or glue something in the center. I glued a white pom pom into mine and then made another flower. I’m going to make some in other colors to finish off my pretty wall!


And now I’m going to make a promise. I seem to make too many flowers, so I hereby promise not to make any flowers for a week. Promise!



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