Day 43: Giant Inspiration Board


Supplies: Thin rope, nails, clothes pins, hammer, big empty wall


Time: 15 minutes

I’m finished moving! Everything is downstairs and ready to be put away. My apartment is kind of like a studio with a partial wall (no door) separating the front living room and back bedroom. Last night I decided to try out putting my bed in the part of the living room where my craft stuff used to be and making the bedroom a craft room. I got my furniture (mostly) in place and decided to make a giant version of this:


Since I had a nice empty wall I figured it would be the perfect place for an inspiration board. I started by nailing the end of a piece of thin rope to the wall probably 7 feet off the floor.


Then I went across the wall and down a little with the rope and nailed that part into the wall.


I kept going across the wall until I was a couple feet from the floor.


Then I went back the other way to make a lace-up looking thing like this:


I covered it with clothes pins…


and then added a few things I’ve made and things that inspire me.


I’ll keep clipping things on as I unpack and I’m going to make some kind of decoration to put on the corners when I find the materials. I’m excited to start making my wall pretty! You could make this on a smaller scale too using string and a board or something. The ribbons on a ribbon board are actually tight enough that you can slide things under the ribbons to hold them in place, but you can adapt the idea as you like. It’s a nice way to display things!




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