Day 42: Little Monster Finger Puppets


Supplies: Felt, google eyes, mini pom poms, hot glue, scissors


Time: 5 minutes or so per puppet

Today’s moving process involved moving loads of stuff from the old upstairs apartment to the new one downstairs. I also packed up anything washable, including all my fabric, to get de-smoked. That made finding a project particularly tricky. I was going to make needle felted coasters, but I couldn’t find my felting needle. Then I was going to make a bag to hold my plastic bags, but I didn’t have fabric or my sewing machine. Finally I decided to use the few craft supplies I have handy to make finger puppets! I started by cutting out a square of felt big enough to wrap loosely around my finger and have a small overlap.


I glued the edges…


And made a little felt tube.


Then I closed up one end of the tube with a little hot glue.


Then I added a few things to make a monster. I started with eyes…


Then ears…


And finally a mouth and nose. Then I had a finished little monster!


I made another one that’s either a bear monster or mouse monster. Maybe it’s a little of both.


When I was at the prime babysitting age I didn’t care for kids. Now I like them, but still only babysit occasionally. I can assure you, though, the next time I babysit I’ll be taking some felt and google eyes with me! What a fun way for kids to get creative!

Happy Saturday,



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