Day 41: Funky Flower Decals


Supplies: Paint chips (various colors), scissors, buttons, hot glue, scotch tape

Time: 15 minutes

Once again, I’m in the midst of moving, so today’s project is short and sweet- and pretty!  I had some paint chips left from when I did paper weaving and I decided to make a decorative touch for my kitchen.  I started by cutting my paint chips into circles.

Then I cut small (very small) pie slices to make flowery-looking shapes like this:

They kind of look like flowers that would be on a pair of bell bottoms!  To make them a little bit special I decided to glue buttons and tiny pom poms in the centers.

I used simple little folded scotch tape pieces on the back to attach them to my cabinets and I really like the way it looks!

My favorite one was a red one with a really cool button on it.

I don’t remember where I got that button, but I love it.  It’s amazing how much happiness you can get when you see a really cool button.  My stash is getting low- time to go to the flea market to dig through their boxes!

Hopefully the apartment will be finished soon!



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