Day 38: Pin Point Cards


Supplies: Card stock (your choice of size and color), thick cardboard, large sharp needle or push pin, pencil, extra paper (optional)


Time: 15 minutes or more, depending on your design

I am very bad about writing thank you notes in a timely manner. It’s almost always because I don’t want to use a pre-printed card and it takes me awhile to make my own. Today I’m going to do what I’ve been needing to do and make my card! Ages ago I found a tutorial (either on Etsy or Design Sponge) for push pin cards. It’s a simple concept, but one most people would never think of.

Start with a piece of card stock. I used a large blank index card, but you can use any size or color you want. Fold the card stock in half to make a card.


Decide what you want your card to say. Mine was a simple ‘thank you’. You want to draw your design backwards on the inside of the front flap of the card. If you’re good a writing backwards you can freehand your design, but I’m not. If you’re like me I suggest doing a simple rubbing. Draw what you want on an extra piece of paper with a pencil (mark heavily). Place it upside down on the card and color over it (on a hard surface) with the pencil. When you remove the paper you should have a lighter copy of your design, but backwards!


Put the card on the cardboard. Using a needle or a push pin (I like using a needle because it hurts my hand less) poke holes through the card stock, following the design you drew.


Don’t forget that you should be poking holes through the back side of the front flap. That’s why it’s backwards. Before you remove the paper from the cardboard you’ll want to erase the pencil lines. You should do this before you move the card or the raised dots on the other side will get squished!


Turn the card around and you’ll have a really unique handmade card!


I decided to add a little color, so I used watercolors to make the card purple.


I wrote up my note and I’ll be in the mail tomorrow. I like to make envelopes for hand delivered cards, but I don’t want to take any chances when I’m mailing it. Make your own cards! It’s so much cheaper and more personal!

Happy Tuesday,



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