Day 36: Soup Cozy


Supplies: Fabric, tape measure, batting, fabric scissors, straight pins, yarn, spherical button, large-eyed needle, thermos or jar you want to keep warm.

Time: 30 minutes

This weekend I’ve been cooking and baking and freezing meals for the next couple weeks.  I’m currently attempting my first batch of pita bread for hummus sandwiches at work, but tonight (and when winter comes) there will be soup on the menu.  I usually wrap my mason jars in tea towels, but that’s not really convenient.  So today I made a soup cozy for tonight’s broccoli cheddar soup.

I started by measuring the height and circumference of the jar.  I measured a rectangle of those dimensions on some scrap fabric (double layer).  Pin the two rectangles together, right sides facing.

Sew the rectangle leaving a small opening on one side.  Turn the rectangle right side out.  Cut a slightly smaller rectangle out of a couple layers of batting.

Stuff the batting into the rectangle and hand sew the opening.

Sew some squiggly lines through the middle of the rectangle to keep the batting in place.  It’ll look kind of pretty too!

Now you’ll sew on the button and create a loop to keep the cozy on the jar.  Thread a needle with a length of yarn.  Pull the needle through one end of the fabric, bottom to top.  Pull the needle back down through the fabric, close to the other hole.  Now you’ll have a loop of yarn.  Tie a knot in the loop and pull the knot onto the fabric.  Tie the ends on the other side of the fabric into a square knot and trim the ends.

Sew a button on the other end of the rectangle.

And you’re ready to keep some soup warm!

Warm soup!  I’ll let you know how it works.

Have a happy Monday off!  I’ll be working on a craft to prep for my first day at my new job.  More tomorrow!




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