Day 35: Origami Boxes


Supplies: Paper of any kind (it should probably be pretty, but it’s up to you)


Time: 10 minutes or less

Today I’m hanging out at my parents’ house. I’m on the lookout for a new place since mine is so smokey smelling and this has been a very nice escape. I even brought the cat, who’s a little afraid of the other animals in the house. I didn’t bring anything crafty with me, so I went to the basement and searched through the old craft cabinet. There’s a lot I need to take with me! One thing I found was origami paper (I love origami paper), so I decided to find an origami project to do.

The one I decided to make is fun, easy, and useful! It’s an origami box. I made one following instructions and had it down. That’s saying something because I’m not great at origami. I’ve never even made a paper crane! So here’s a little picture tutorial.

Start with a square piece of paper that has color on at least one side (or not, if you want to decorate it yourself).


With the color side down, fold the paper in half.


Open the paper and fold it in half in the other direction.


Open it back up. Now you’ll fold each corner to the center point.


You should have a square like this:


Now fold the edges in toward the center point.


Once both edges are folded in, open them up and fold the other two edges in.


Now unfold everything so you’re left with the original white square (now with super cool creases!).


Fold one corner to the center point and then fold along the second crease you made parallel to the first.



You’ll have to crease the outer edges of this new fold. Repeat this fold with each corner.


Now open two of these folds (like the two pictured above) to form two side of the box.


This next part is hard to explain, so be sure to look at the pictures.

Fold one of the flat sides up, pushing in on the corner creases (kind of like wrapping a present).


With both corners folded and the flap up you should have something like this:


Fold the flap down to make the third side of the box.


Fold the last side just like the one before it and you’ll have a box! I recommend going over the creased edges with your fingernail to reinforce them.


A box this size could be the perfect storage place for paper clips or thumbtacks. Make two of these boxes and you can fit one inside the other to make a gift box of any size!


Meanwhile, my mom made a frog!


The verdict of the day: origami is fun. End of story.

Happy Saturday!



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