Day 34: Earring Holder


Supplies: Picture frame (size can vary depending on how many earrings you have), paint, screen to fit in the frame, hot glue or staple gun.

Time: 45 minutes plus a couple hours for paint to dry (if you paint the frame)

When I was in third grade I got my ears pierced for the first time.  I wasn’t too good at taking care of them, so they eventually closed.  When I was 16 I got my ears re-pierced and made a vow to only wear handmade earrings.  The only two exceptions are the original posts and some small gold hoops that used to belong to my mom.  Sometime in college my roommate Katie and I got second piercings, but mine closed when I had to take them out for an x-ray at the dentist.  Anyway, the point of this ear piercing saga is I love earrings.  Some women feel they look their best only if they’re wearing makeup.  I don’t wear makeup, but I feel best when I wear earrings.  I have a great collection that I absolutely love, but I can’t seem to keep my earrings organized.  I’ve been wanting to make an organizer with screen for years and somehow I’m just now getting to it.

I popped over to Michael’s to get an unfinished wood frame.  I chose unfinished wood just because it was cheap and I wanted to paint it anyway.  You can get any frame you want and decorate it any way you want to make it fit your style.  I did a cream and brown design.  Here’s a quick tip I learned from some show on HGTV.  When you use painter’s tape you’ll often get paint under the edges of the tape.  If you paint the edges of the tape with the base paint color first, it’ll seal the edges and it’ll be nice and crisp!

So, here’s my frame.  That’s really the most time consuming part of the process.

Then all you have to do is attach the screen to the frame.  A staple gun would be ideal if you have one.  Since I don’t have one I decided to try hot glue.  There’s nothing particularly heavy being held in place, so I think it should work.  So far, so good.

Once the screen is secure you’re ready to hang your organizer and hang up your earrings!




Now I don’t have to dig through a bowl with rubber bands in it to find my earrings.  Maybe now I’ll vary my earring selection a little more.  If you make your own earring organizer make sure to leave some extra room!  There will be many earrings to make over then next year!  Enjoy!

And now for the headband giveaway!  The winner of two headbands is…

The lovely Kaitie!  You get two headbands!

Thanks for reading,



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  1. After experiencing the same frustration, I attempted to make an earring holder out of a cardboard box that I poked holes in…this looks a LOT better! I will definitely have to make one!

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