Day 33: Braided Bracelet


Supplies: Fabric (I used t-shirt yarn) or some kind of cord, ruler, scissors, something to hold the string, tapestry needle

Time: 20 minutes

Today it took me a long time to decide what to make.  I sifted through dozens of project ideas from Craftgawker before finally landing on one I’d bookmarked awhile back.  It’s a braided bracelet tutorial that’s a perfect use for t-shirt yarn if you have it.  It’s a really pretty bracelet, but it makes you feel like you’re 10 again.  It also requires only a couple materials.

I’m going to recommend you check out the original tutorial here in addition to this one.  It has tons of pictures!

I started with yellow and brown t-shirt yarn.  Yellow is my outside color and brown is inside.  The outside color strand should be 95cm and the inside color strand should be 52cm.  Fold both strands in half and set them up like this:

I used a chair leg to hold the folded end of the brown strand in place.

Now you’ll start braiding.  I’m going to explain with the colors I used just to make things clear.  Remember the yellow strand is the longer one.  Start with the left yellow cord.  Fold it over the left brown cord and under the right brown cord.

Sorry it's sideways. It wouldn't let me rotate it...

Then fold the right yellow strand over the right brown cord and under the left brown cord.

I guess these are going to be sideways 😦

Pull it tight and you’ll have something that looks like this:

Keep braiding until you have about an inch or so of yellow left on each side.

This is actually before I finished braiding.

Weave the yellow ends under the yellow loops.

Snip off any extra that sticks out.  Then you’ll tie a knot in each loose end of the brown.  I don’t know what kind of knot it is, but the tutorial calls it an overhand knot.

And your bracelet is done!  It’s actually kind of hard to put on alone, but you just lace one brown end through the brown loop and tie the two loose ends in a double knot.

When I get paid tomorrow I’m going to buy some colored cord and make one of these for my friend Megan.  (Surprise!  I’ll have it for you next time I see you!)

Have fun with these- I promise you will!



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