Day 32: Paper Weaving


Supplies: Index card, ruler, pen/pencil, paint chips or colored card stock, X-acto knife, hot glue

Time: 30 minutes

I love the idea of weaving.  One of these days I’m going to weave a rug or something, but today I did a different kind of weaving.  Recently I saw a picture of a little alien made with colored paper so today I thought I would try my hand at weaving with paper.  It’s really simple and there are tons of possibilities.

Start with an index card.  You could actually use graph paper if you had it around, but I used the index card because it was the right size.  Use a ruler to make a grid on the card.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Color in squares on the grid to make a design.  You can really do anything you want in any size.  Just adjust the size of the grid accordingly.  I decided to make an A.

This will be your pattern.  Now pick your colors and get ready to make paper strips.  Measure and mark the card at 1cm increments on both sides and draw lines across.

When the paper strips are marked, you’re ready to cut.  Line up the ruler and slice the strips with an X-acto knife.  I used blue and purple paper.

Decide which color you want to be the background and which you want to be the design.  I chose purple for the background and blue for the letter.  Line up the background color strips vertically.  Use hot glue to weave the first row of the design and secure the strips in place.  If the first row doesn’t have two colors just glue the strips to a second strip of that color.

Continue weaving and gluing whenever you need to.  Just make sure the outer strips are glued down.

If you have any excess paper sticking out use the ruler and X-acto knife to trim it.  Then you could glue it onto a greeting card, put it in a frame, or pretty much anything else.  I taped it to the corner of my craft storage shelf.

That’s it!  Simple process, tons of things to do with it.  Have fun making some awesome one-of-a-kind greeting cards (or whatever you want).

Enjoy your Wednesday,



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