Day 31: Decorative Hammered Spoons


Supplies: Old spoons, hammer, paint pen, ribbon, tape or magnets

Time: 30 minutes

It’s day 31! One month under my belt and eleven more to go. Strangely enough, today’s project really didn’t work out how it was supposed to, but I was able to get by. I have an orientation for a new job (finally) today and since my apartment smells like cigarette smoke (despite intense cleaning upon move in) I crafted at my parents’ house while washing my clothes for the day.

So today’s project was inspired by this idea I found on  If you haven’t checked out Craftgawker I’d highly recommend it!  It was a good project to do at my parents’ house because it requires a lot of hammering, which is not something to do in a second floor apartment.  The original idea uses these spoons for wedding place cards, but mine will just be decorative.  Honestly, unless the wedding was going to be tiny I can’t imagine making one of these for every guest.  Two was the magic number for me.

I got a few spoons at the Salvation Army and plucked two of them from the bunch.  I went into the garage where the ground is nice and hard and started flattening the spoons with a hammer.

One flat, one not

Once both spoons were flat…

I tried to my flathead screwdriver to pound letters into the metal, but that didn’t work.  The original project uses letter stamps made for just that purpose, and perhaps that’s why the screwdriver didn’t work.  I went to plan B and used a gold paint marker.  I put my parents’ names on the spoons and put a little ribbon around each one.

I considered finding magnets to glue on the back, but my parents’ fridge is pretty packed.  My mom likes to put pretty things on the cabinet doors, so I decided to try a little scotch tape to attach them to the door.  To my surprise, it worked!  I’ll check with my parents in a couple days to see if they stuck or fell off.

What a cute little couple of spoons!

Now I need to ask for your help.  I have a pair of jeans that really needs to be retired.  Does anyone have an old jeans project in their arsenal?  You’ll see something happen with those soon.

Thanks for reading,



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