Day 30: Daily Calendar/Journal


Supplies: Index cards, small box that will fit 183 index cards, paint, markers, other decorating supplies.


Time: At least 1 hour

I’ve always tried to keep a journal. I try and then stop and then start back up again. Somehow, my desire for perfect writing and pristine notebooks just killed my journal writing dreams.

Then about a year ago a read about a very simple kind of journal that serves it’s purpose, but doesn’t require a lot of insight.  I know that might sound contradictory to the whole point of keeping a journal, but that’s what I want from it.  So basically this journal involves an index card for each day of the year, but years are not written on the cards.  Each day you find the card for that day, write the current year on it, and write a short sentence about what you did. In several years you’ll have a concise little “this day in history” for your life.  So here’s one way to make your daily journal.

Start with the cards.  You’ll need 183 or 366 index cards.  If you want to have one index card for each day you’ll need 366 (don’t forget a card for leap day!), but you can also use both sides of each card and only 183 cards.

The original idea for this project (I can’t remember where I read about it) suggested using a date stamp, but those are a bit too expensive for me.  Instead, I whipped out my pretty colored Sharpies!  Start writing or stamping the date on each card.  When you get halfway through, flip the cards over and turn the stack 180º.











Now, moving on to the container!  I have a few old cans from fancy coffees my grandma gets and they’re the perfect size.  All you need is something that fits the cards.  I painted my can with a little vine pattern.

My brother recently gave me a collection of craft supplies he had sitting around.  One of the things in the collection was spray glitter!  For the sole reason that I’d never used spray glitter before I decided to add some.  And it’s green!

The nice thing about this project is you can use whatever supplies you have on hand and do anything you want.  Go crazy!  When everything is finished you just need to put the index cards in the container and start journaling!  Get to it!

Back tomorrow,



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