Day 28: Egg Notes


Supplies: Eggs, push pin, nail, paper, egg dye/paint/permanent markers, bowl

Time: 10 minutes to make, several hours-overnight to dry

Once during college I checked out a book at the library and found a lovely picture and uplifting note inside. It brightened my day to see a nice little touch of optimism in an unexpected place. When I returned the book I put the note back for the next person. I recently saw a picture of invitations made with empty eggs and I thought it might be fun to pass on a little happiness in another unexpected way.

I started with two eggs (that would also serve as my lunch). I used a push pin to poke a small hole in each end of both eggs. Then I used a tapestry needle (only because I didn’t have a nail) to make the hole slightly larger. Do use a nail if you have one, but I found that you can be pretty creative with your hole-boring tools and it’ll still work. Just be gentle or you might get a much bigger hole than you want!

When you have two holes in one egg wipe it off with a wet towel and blow on one end so all the egg comes out the other end. It might take a little while and you might have to make the holes slightly bigger as you go. Take a break if you need to- you’ll probably feel a tad light-headed at some point. Once all of the egg is out of the shell you’ll want to run it under some water to clean it out as much as possible. Try to get water inside the shell, block the holes and swish the water around, and shake the water out. You’ll be left with some nice empty egg shells and the insides, all ready to scramble.

Dry the outsides with a towel and set the eggs aside so the insides can dry out. Meanwhile, cook up some scrambled eggs!

If you’re feeling a bit impatient (like me) you can go at the egg shells with a hair drier or something like that. It helped the drying process along a little (I think). If I make more of these I think I’ll empty the eggs at night and let them dry until morning. Once the eggs finally dry you’ll probably want to make them pretty. I used permanent marker, but you can use paint or egg dye or anything else that will look good. If you do use dye I would recommend doing that before poking holes or before drying the eggs, for obvious reasons. My eggs looked like this:

I cut a couple strips of paper and wrote nice little messages on them, also in pretty permanent marker colors.

I rolled each note into a tiny scroll and stuck one in each egg shell.

When the notes were inside I added a little instruction on the outside of each egg. Then they were ready to be hidden somewhere in town.

I stashed the eggs in somewhat hidden places on my way to work. If you live in Columbia, keep your eyes open for them! Also be on the lookout for a special second batch of these when fall comes…

Thanks for reading,


Ps- here’s a bonus picture for you! My dad sent me a link to this idea.

Ahhhh! Charge your phone!!!


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