Day 27: Origami Flower Bouquet and Giveaway!


Supplies: paper (if it’s rectangular you’ll also need a ruler and X-acto knife), hot glue, beads (optional)

Time: 20 minutes or so per flower

I guess I’m on a flower kick because today’s project is another flower.  I like flowers well enough, but allergies take away some of their beauty.  With handmade flowers you get all the beauty with the added pleasure of knowing you created them and no allergies to boot!  So today I decided to make paper flowers I’ve seen online quite a bit.  They’re really beautiful and there’s so much you can do to change them around and make them your own.

I decided to use old cross stitch patterns from a one-a-day calendar my former roommate Katie gave me last year.  I picked some of the prettiest colors and folded and cut them into squares.

I’m not particularly good at origami, so I’m just going to do a quick run-through.  Here’s the tutorial I used.

Fold it into a triangle

Fold each bottom corner of the triangle to the top point

It'll look like this

Fold each of these new folds in half...

to get something like this

Then open those little pockets and flatten them like this

Fold over the points

fold the pockets in half

curve the paper around and glue the middle flaps together

Seriously, you should use the other tutorial… Anyway, you’ll need five of these sections for one flower.  Put a thin line of glue on the very inside of each edge and glue another section to it until they go all the way around.

I decided to finish off the middle by adding a bead to the middle.

I made six flowers and decided to glue all of them together.  I wound up with a kind of half-sphere that could make a really pretty centerpiece.

If you have the patience to make twelve of these flowers you could make a whole sphere, which could also be a pretty centerpiece.

So I’ll say goodbye to these paper flowers for today and go back to yesterday’s felt flowers.  I made a new felt flower this morning that I’m going to attach to a headband.  It’s in beautiful fall colors and it can possibly be yours!  Leave a comment in today’s post and I’ll pick a random winner next Friday!  Hope you like it!



8 responses »

  1. Alie,
    The felt flower turned out so nice with good color combination.
    You’re doing an amazing job with your project. Each day I look forward to seeing what you’ve made next!

  2. We could have used you to help make origami flowers when we were doing Paper Girl! I’m absolutely useless 🙂 You’re so talented!

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  4. You are so talented and awesome! Those look so beautiful and cool… so beautiful and cool, in fact, that I am going to try to make some centerpieces for this upcoming celebration I am going to be having! I will try making one RIGHT NOW!

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