Day 26: Felt Flowers 2


Supplies: Felt, fabric scissors, ruler, pen, hot glue

Time: 1 hour or less

Today I got organized!  I went through my long potential project list and made three shorter lists: things I can make with what I have on hand, things I can make with a couple extra supplies, and things that require a lot of shopping.  I’m not in the spending money mode right now, so I went with one of the things on my “on hand” list.  Back on day 1 I made some felt flowers and today I made an even prettier felt flower.  It’s not as quick, but it’s just as easy.  I found the tutorial for this flower here.

Pick 1-4 colors of felt that look nice together.  For this tutorial I just used one piece of felt, but I’m looking forward to making many more in lots of beautiful colors.  Measure out strips of felt as follows:

3 strips 1.5” wide

2 strips 1.25″ wide

1 strip 1″ wide

Then measure out squares and cut the strips into squares.

Once all your little squares are cut, you’ll trim them into petal shapes.  Mine weren’t perfect and I was a bit concerned, but slight unevenness won’t affect your flower at all, I promise!

Go through all the petals and hot glue the bottoms like this:

The original tutorial says to use fabric glue, but I didn’t have any and I think hot glue worked just fine (and more quickly!).  You’ll also want to cut out a circle about 2″ in diameter.  This can vary and the amount of petals you’ll need will vary also.

So, at this point you’re ready to assemble your flower!  Start with the largest petals and glue them around the outer edge of the circle.

Move on to the medium petals and glue them in a circle slightly inside of the first round.  Do the same with the smallest petals.  You’ll be left with an almost finished flower that needs a center.  The center will be one of the flowers from day 1 (although you can play around with different center ideas).  Cut a circle out of felt and cut it into a spiral.

Wrap it into a little blossom like this:

and glue it in the middle of the flower.  You’ll be left with a gorgeous flower!

I think this flower is kind of addictive.  I honestly can’t wait to make more.  Check back tomorrow for a flower headband giveaway!

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