Day 25: Button Hair Clips (Etsy Day!)


Supplies: buttons, spray adhesive, fabric, hot glue, hair clips/barrettes/bobbie pins

Time: 30 minutes plus a little more time to dry

Today my friends from school who just started the semester are coming over!  Of course, that means I did a bit of cleaning.  And that also meant I found a pack of hair clips that I forgot I had.  Since I have plenty of my own clips I decided to make some cute little girl clips with buttons.  I picked out a few cute fabrics and several buttons.  I traced around the buttons, leaving about 1/4” extra.

Then I cut out the circles.  I was really bad about photography today for some reason, so you’ll have to just trust that I cut out the circles 🙂  I recently acquired some spray adhesive (as well as some spray glitter) from my brother and I thought the spray glue would be perfect for this project.  I put down a protective piece of paper and sprayed the buttons, one at a time, and covered them with the fabric.  I made sure to move the button and fabric before they dried completely- I didn’t want them to be glued to the paper!

Once those were dry I wrapped the edges of the fabric around and hot glued them into place.  Then I trimmed the excess and was ready to pair the buttons with the clips.

The I hot glued the buttons onto the clips and was ready for some Etsy photography!

I didn’t really like the tie-dye looking buttons on the bobbie pins, so I only listed the other two.

You can hop on over to the Daily Craft Project Etsy shop and buy them for a sweet little girl or young-at-heart woman in your life.  See you tomorrow!



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