Day 24: Button Flowers


Supplies: buttons in various nice colors, hot glue, embroidery thread or other string, regular all-purpose glue, frame with matting (so you have enough depth for buttons)

Time: 20 minutes

Today’s pretty project is nice and simple.  It’s something I’ve seen on craft sites all over the place.  Button flowers!  After seeing these flowers everywhere on the internet I decided to make them today when I remembered I had the perfect frame for them.  I grabbed my button stash and got started.

I picked out three buttons for each flower.  The buttons should get gradually smaller.  I gauged the size of the frame and decided to make three flowers.

I glued the buttons in their little stacks and moved on to the stems.  I marked the open part of the frame and placed the flowers where I wanted them to be.  Then I picked a couple shades of green embroidery thread and covered them with Elmer’s glue.  I just put glue on my thumb and index finger and pulled the lengths of thread between the glue.  If you can figure out a less sticky way to do this step, go for it (and tell me what it is).

Once I put the stems in place I glued the flowers at the tops.

That’s pretty much it!  I put the frame together and was left with this:

I hung it on the wall right next to my sewing table.

When I was little I had a shadowbox where I kept my little plastic dogs and various knick-knacks.  Being a person who doesn’t like to get rid of sentimental things I have no idea how I wound up without the shadowbox.  Luckily, this shadowbox-looking display brings back the good memories associated with the old one.  Even so, I think I’ll go get a new shadowbox one of these days…



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  1. Are the leaves also just small buttons?
    I may use this project for Christmas gifts for my 2 daughters; they are both in relatively new apartments, with very bare walls!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    ~ Valerie

  2. Thanks, Alie!

    Hey, do you take “requests”?
    If so, I saw some really cute kittie/cats fabric(s) recently, and that has me thinking about making some type of small throw/lap blankie for my girls to place on their couches so that their cats will sit there and leave all of their extra hair there instead of on the couch…

    Actually, even if the cats don’t use the throw, it could look really cute on their couches.

    I am Not really a seamstress, although I can do some hand-stitching, and have quilted small pieces before. If you have any projects that might be similar to this, I would love to see them. I will be trying to come up with something between now and Christmas, so if you don’t want to go there, I can research a project on my own, no problem.

    PS… My cats are Wolfie, Zoe, and Indy; my girls have Chloe and Noodle 🙂 We LOVE kitties!!

  3. Hi Alie,
    I am working on a button picture, and having so much fun! I am using an 8×8 frame with NO mat, though, so I have extra room for embellishments, like smaller buttons in a ring around each of the flowers, and I added some bee buttons – they are so cute!
    I used a strand of yarn for the stem, and you were right – pretty messy! I will be making a second picture for my other daughter, and I might try pipe cleaners.
    Thanks for the craft ideas! They are so interesting and varied, and your posts are fun to read. Keep up the great work!

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