Day 23: Felt ABC Book (Etsy Day!)


Supplies: Felt, fabric scissors, ruler, pen, needle, embroidery thread, hot glue

Time: Quite a bit… longer than I expected!

I did it!  I finished my Etsy project mere moments ago.  I almost didn’t make the Monday deadline, but here it is!  Today’s Etsy project is similar to last week’s in that it is also felt and for kids.  Today it’s a felt alphabet book.  I’ve always loved science even though the math involved made it tough for me in school.  Now I like to incorporate images and concepts from science into my creative endeavors.  For this project I took a very simple scientific inspiration and made an alphabet book themed around produce.  It was a tough one to photograph, but I’ll do my best to explain it.

I started by planning out my book.  I figured out how many letters I wanted on each page, how I wanted to arrange them and got enough felt to make my pages.  After I figured out how to lay out the pages I found a rectangular object that I could trace (yay tracing!) to make them.  I grabbed the box for “The Princess Bride” DVD!  I traced all the pages…

and cut them out.  Then I drew each letter on a piece of felt that would stand out against the page it would go on.

I cut out each letter and hit the internet to find a fruit or vegetable for each letter.  Then I embroidered the words onto their corresponding letters.  That’s the part that took awhile…

Q is for quince- apparently it's kind of apple/pear-like

Once all those letters were done I spread them out on the pages and glued them in place.  I made sure to keep a little free space on one side of each page for the binding.

Then I embroidered a cover for the book.

Since the back of the embroidery work shows on this page I made another rectangle and glued it to the back.  Then I cut out the binding from that same inside-the-front-page felt color.  I used the DVD box again to make sure the size was right.  I glued the front part first:

This looks nuts because I had to take it upside down for lighting's sake

Then I glued the side and the back and that’s that!  Done!

I hope it was worth the several days it took.  You’ll be able to check out the listing on Etsy tomorrow evening here.

Thanks for reading,



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