Day 21: DIY Cat Toys


Supplies: Felt, fabric scissors, needle/embroidery thread, stuffing, small jingle bell, cat nip (optional)

Time: 15 minutes per mouse

Remember yesterday when I said Etsy day would be today?  I lied.  The project it taking longer than I expected, but I expect to get it done tomorrow or Monday.  In the mean time, I thought I’d show you how to make a really easy cat toy.  When I got Daphne last December I wanted to give her some toys, but I was absolutely not interested in spending $4 on a single catnip mouse.  So I figured I could make cat toys for almost no money.  And did I ever!  So much cheaper!  A sheet of felt costs under 50 cents and you can get 10-12 mice out of a sheet.  The rest of the supplies don’t cost much more and each mouse comes out to less than a dollar.  And they’re easy!  So here we go…

Grab a piece of felt and draw half of a teardrop on the felt.

Fold the felt at the edges of the teardrop and cut it out so both sides are the same.  If you’re going to make many of these I would recommend making a cardboard teardrop template to trace.  Your cut out mouse should look something like this:

Now whip out some pretty contrasting thread and embroider eyes and ears on your mousey.

Fold the mouse in half and thread your needle with more contrasting thread.  Starting at the bottom of the mouse…

sew the two sides together until you get to the ear area.  You need it to be open enough to shove some stuffing in there.

The cat's having trouble waiting

At this point, stuff half of the mouse and put the bell inside.  Daphne’s entertained by the bell alone, so I don’t put catnip inside, but if you want to add it do that now.

Then stuff the rest of the mouse and sew it up to the nose.

When you get to the tip of the nose tie a knot to serve as the actual nose.  Then shove the needle through the tip of the nose and out the very end where you want the tail to go.  You don’t want your mouse’s tail to come off or the cat will probably eat it, which is not good!  By making the seams, nose, and tail all one strand you make it safe for your cat.  The tail’s not going to fall off and wind up in your cat’s intestines (ew!)

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to get the needle through the mouse.  If that happens you can use pliers or possibly some strong tweezers to yank it through the felt.  Cut the tail so it’s a couple inches long and toss it to your cat!

Daphne has several of these, but she was more than happy to play with a new mouse.  That’s her paw on the right side over there.

Have a great Saturday!



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