Day 20: Pinwheels!


Supplies: Paper, ruler, pen, scissors, markers, straight pin, drinking straws

the Lucille ball book is also mandatory

Time: as little as 5 minutes, as long as 1 hour or more- it depends on how much you love to color (as I’ve mentioned, I love to color).

Today was supposed to be Etsy day, but my project is taking a little longer than I expected, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  So today I thought I’d make something I’ve been wanting to make for awhile… Pinwheels!  I mean, who doesn’t love a pinwheel?  I have this vague memory of sitting near a pond with an old babysitter and playing with one of those rainbow colored plastic pinwheels.  I don’t remember anything about why we were there or what else we did, but I do remember that pinwheel.  And it turns out they’re really easy to make!

You can use any kind of paper you have.  I used large blank index cards so I could decorate them myself, but you could use origami paper or any kind of colored paper.  Since the index cards are rectangles I measured out squares and cut them out.

Then I drew an x through each square (use a ruler)  and added a dot at each corner like this:

a dot on each corner and one in the middle

Then I colored the inside and the outside of each pinwheel.  They’ll both show, so make them look nice!

Then cut along the lines you drew earlier.  Don’t cut all the way to the middle.  Leave about a centimeter uncut.  Then poke a hole through each dot you drew before.  Fold one corner with a hole in it toward the middle hole and repeat with the rest of the holes.  Stick a straight pin through the holes and you’ll have a thing like this:

Stick the end of the pin through a straw or some other kind of stick and you’re almost done!  If you want your pinwheel to spin use pliers to bend the end of the pin down.  I decided to use mine as decoration on the small bit of wall between my kitchen and living room:

Here’s what the other two looked like:

I used permanent maker and it bled a bit 😦

In my world pink and orange go together- how about yours?

So enjoy this lovely summer Friday with a little pinwheel fun and I’ll be back with an Etsy creation tomorrow!

Happy weekend,



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