Day 18: Key Necklace


Supplies: Computer key, necklace or chain, hot glue, tiny scrap of fabric

Time: 10 minutes

Over a year ago the Z key fell off of my laptop.  Any editors or graphic designers out there will know that Command+Z is the keyboard shortcut for “undo” and during film school my Z key had all it could take.  The Apple Store was kind enough to replace the key for free and I was left with a lonely little Z.  I’ve been wanting to do something with it for ages, so today I decided to turn it into a simple necklace.  I grabbed the key, an old necklace from childhood, and my friend the hot glue gun.  When I tested the placement of the key on the necklace I found that it needed a little boost to get it to fit.  I took a small scrap of fabric and folded it into a small cushion.

Don't forget to glue the end!

Then I glued the cushion onto the key.

Once that dried I put a small line of glue across the middle of the key, found the middle of the necklace, and glued it in place.

I added a tiny dab of glue on the sides to hold the two larger beads in place and I had a new necklace!

I’m excited to wear my new necklace!  It’s colorful, fun, and unique and it actually cut down on a tiny (really tiny) bit of clutter on my craft table!  For me, that’s a really good thing!  See you tomorrow with a different kind of project…



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