Day 17: Eyelets and Dim Sum Pouches




Supplies: fabric, scissors, ruler or something square to trace, pen, eyelet punch and eyelets, string/ribbon/yarn that goes with your fabric

Time: 45 minutes

Today my lovely former roommate Katie stopped by on her way home from Iowa.  It’s a four hour drive from here to her hometown, so I thought I’d make a little snack for her trip.  I made a nice batch of mini blueberry muffins and I thought today’s craft should be some kind of packaging for them.  Since our friend Sascha is also stopping through today I grabbed two different fabrics to make two packages.  I traced a square book to make two nice squares on each piece of fabric.


I don't like to measure if I don't have to

I cut out the fabric squares:

and pinned them together, right sides facing.  I sewed them together:

Then I turned them right side out, ironed them, and sewed up the holes.

Then I got to try out my new eyelet punch!  I marked a spot on each corner and punched holes.

Then I stuck an eyelet through one hole:



and clamped it closed with the punch (it also does snaps!).

My first eyelet

I put eyelets in the rest of the holes and was ready to package the mini-muffins.

I wove a string through the eyelets to make a little hobo sack.  I put the muffins in the middle:

and pulled the strings tight.

And there you go!  Muffins in a pouch!  I think they look like some kind of dim sum, so I’m going to call them dim sum pouches.  Since the muffins are big enough not to fall out, these are fine for my purposes.  If you wanted to put something smaller in the pouch you could add another eyelet on each edge of the square to pull the corners in as well.

I had a delightful time with Katie and she’s off to her family with some mini muffins!  Drive safely, Katie!



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