Day 16: Red Pepper Potholder


Supplies: Felt, sharpie, fabric scissors, straight pins, embroidery floss, needle, hot glue

Time: 30-45 minutes

In my kitchen I have a regular oven and a toaster oven.  Since my kitchen is the size of a match box I don’t have room for a microwave and I depend on my toaster oven for almost everything.  My only problem is I don’t have a tiny hot pad to take the tiny baking tray out of my tiny oven, so today I decided to make one.  I’m definitely not interested in a boring hot pad, so why not a hot pad that looks like a pepper?  So back to my favorite material!  That’s right, it’s another felt day.  If you’re following along at home you might as well go stock up now.  There will be plenty of felt in your future.

My felt file

I decided to make mine a red pepper, so I grabbed red felt as well as green and grey for the second and third layers (it has to keep the heat off your fingers!).  I started with the grey felt since it would be the biggest of the three layers, but it was my smallest piece of felt.  I drew a pepper on in and cut it out.

Then I put the pepper upside down on the green fabric and traced it.  Since the green layer would be slightly smaller than the grey I cut a bit inside the traced line.

Then I did the same thing with the green pepper on the red felt.  I stacked the red and green layers and drew lines on the red to make it look more like a pepper.  I used a pen for this step so the lines wouldn’t be too thick to cover with embroidery.  I pinned the top two layers together and got ready to embroider!

When the embroidery was complete I took all the pins out and fired up the hot glue gun.  I glued the loose edges on those two layers and then glued the whole thing to the grey felt.

The grey layer was a little too big, so I trimmed it and was left with my brand new toaster oven mitt!

The oven's not actually hot

And now I don’t have to take the tray out of my toaster oven with tongs!  Have fun with felt and protect those fingers!



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