Day 15: Fabric Wall Decals


Supplies: Fabric, scissors, corn starch, water

Time: 15 minutes or so- it depends on what you do with your fabric

I wasn’t really familiar with the idea of wall decals until about a year ago.  I saw several on Etsy and I think they’re absolutely beautiful.  Then I read about how to make easy, removable fabric decals and couldn’t wait to make them.  I’ve done these a couple times before and they’re really pretty.  I put some on a lamp shade and used this technique to make the back of a white bookshelf pretty.  Today I decided to use some of the beautiful flowers from that blue and white fabric I used on day 9.  I picked the best flowers from the pattern and cut them out.

I swear, I'm obsessed with this fabric!

The great thing about this decal project is that you can use it in rentals.  The “glue” is a simple mixture of cornstarch and water, which can be easily wiped off with a wet rag when it’s time to take the decals down.

hard under water, liquidy when you take it out

Your glue should be pretty watery.  You’ll mix up the cornstarch and water and take your supplies to the blank wall.  My front door is pretty boring, so thought I’d add just a touch of color and beauty to it.

Now just soak the fabric in the cornstarch and water mixture, squeeze the excess water out, and stick it on the wall.  This project is very forgiving.  I experimented with three arrangements before I decided I liked it.  I just peeled the flowers off and stuck them back on elsewhere.

Now I have a little peep hole embellishment!  I’d almost like to have more flowers dispersed on the rest of the door, but I love the fabric so much that I don’t want to waste it.

I love this project so much because you can do so much with it.  I might do something else with this technique in the future… Be on the lookout!


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