Day 13: Up-Cycled Blouse Bag


Supplies: button up shirt, ruler, fabric scissors, straight pins, sewing machine

Time: 1 hour or so

I’ve always loved the idea of using old clothes for new purposes.  My favorite creative blog is  New Dress A Day, where Marisa Lynch finds ridiculously ugly old dresses and transforms them into something cute and wearable.  I’ve tried that kind of clothing up-cycle a few times, but my sewing skills just aren’t there yet.  But when I found this article a few weeks ago I thought I could probably handle it.  So today I turned a beautiful old shirt into a bag.

I started with the shirt spread out on the floor.  I measured a square in the middle of the shirt.  There were a couple pockets on the front that I decided to include on the bag.

I pinned and sewed straight down the button area to make sure my bag wouldn’t unbutton.  Then I hemmed the tops of the squares and pinned the two squares together.

Once three sides were sewn up.  I cut two long pieces of ribbon and pinned them to the top of the bag to make straps.

I stitched the straps down, turned the bag right side out, and ironed it flat.  Now I have a new tote!  Now what am I going to put in it?  No idea.

This is a really good project for me because I tend to hang onto clothes for way too long. It’s a great way to keep using them without wearing them long after they’re ready to retire.


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