Day 12: Felt Puzzle (Etsy Day!)


Supplies: Felt, marker, fabric scissors, embroidery thread/needle, hot glue

Time: 3 hours I think…

I love felt.  Love it love it love it.  And I really love to embroider felt.  Since that’s what I’m best at I decided to make some kind of embroidered felt thing for the Etsy shop today.  Though I just started liking kids a couple years ago, some of my favorite things to make are kid and baby things.  So, I combined them to make an embroidered felt puzzle.

I started with a full sheet of felt.  I wanted to make a color puzzle, so I divided the felt into six large puzzle pieces, one for each primary and secondary color.

I marked one side of each puzzle piece to remind myself that it was the back.  Then I traced each puzzle piece onto a colored piece of felt with the marked side facing the colored felt.

I cut out each colored piece and got ready to embroider.

so bright and happy!

I considered embroidering each word in its opposite color, but I thought that might be confusing for a kid.  Remember these puzzles?

So I just used black and white thread.

I used my good old friend hot glue to connect the layers…

true love

and here’s what I came up with:

And taken apart:

And I know you can’t have a kids’ puzzle without something to put the pieces in.  I grabbed a couple more pieces of felt and a button and made a little pouch.

I don't remember where that button came from, but I love it

Later in the evening I went to dinner with my family and we had a lovely time looking at old pictures.  My mom even found a time capsule I made in first grade that I was supposed to open on my high school graduation day.  Apparently, a person I admired at age 7 was my dog, Petey…  But, while I was busy having a nice night with my family the sun was busy setting and removing my natural light, so the Etsy listing will be up tomorrow afternoon.  It’ll be here.


And now, the winner of the fabric covered notebook!  If you commented, your odds were good this time.  The winner is…..Lisa!  Lisa, send me a message on Etsy and I’ll mail the notebook this weekend.  Thanks to the three commenters and everyone who reads.





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