Day 10: “New” Sandals


Supplies: 2 yards of fabric, fabric scissors, pins, sewing machine (or dedicated sewing hands), ruler, pen

sewing machine time!

Time: 1 hour, probably less

I’ve been wanting to do this project for several months, but today I realized another new fabric I bought (on sale!) was big enough for my purposes.  Back when it started getting ridiculously hot (I believe those first 90 degree days were in April or March) I bought some new sandals.  I loved my old Merrells because they were so comfy and they made an awesome tan line, but they broke at the end of last summer.  The new ones I bought are called Ssekos and if you’re in Columbia, Mo you can buy them at the Mustard Seed, the local fair trade store.  They have a cool story that you can read about here.  They’re really fun because they come with straps that can be changed out and/or tied in tons of different ways.  Here are my sandals with the original straps.

standard tying method

I love my green straps, but today I decided to make a new set of straps.  I put one old green strap on the floor and put my fabric out next to it to measure.  Turns out, they’re the same length, so no measuring was necessary.  What luck!


I used a ruler to gauge the width of the fabric strips.  I knew I wanted my finished straps to be about an inch wide, so I cut four strips of fabric about 1.5 inches wide to allow for seams.


I pinned two strips together, right sides facing, and sewed three of the sides.  I used the end of a (capped) pen to poke the sewn end through and turned the strip right side out.

Then I ironed the straps flat on my miniature ironing board.  Thank goodness the cat was sleeping in the bedroom during this project.  She would have made sewing long thin strips of fabric a nightmare!  Once my new straps were nice and flat I hand sewed the open end with an invisible stitch (or whatever the one you use for pillows is called).  Then I took out the old straps and laced up the new.

one of these days I'll tie them differently

I love the idea of sewing, but I’m usually not very good at it.  I’m practicing and hopefully I’ll be able to do it well soon.  For now, though, this is a perfect project for me.  It’s really easy and any flaws in the sewing won’t show once they’re on your feet.  I love these shoes, but if you get a pair make sure you don’t walk too far in them.  You’ll get blisters, I promise.


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