Day 8: Pom Poms


Supplies: cardboard, pen, scissors, yarn, two circles you can trace (two sizes)

Time: 10-15 minutes per pom pom

Today’s project is a simple demo for happy little pom poms.  I used my t-shirt yarn for this one, but if you use regular yarn you can attach it to your winter hat!  These are infinitely more exciting than you’d think.  It’s like magic to watch it suddenly become a pom pom.

So here’s how you do it.  Grab a couple pieces of cardboard.  I like to use thick cardboard, but all I had on hand was a cereal box.  That works too, but it’s not as sturdy.  Trace your large circle on the cardboard twice like this:

Two big circles

Then put your second circular thing in the middle of one of your big circles and trace it to make a donut.  Do that again on the other circle.

two small circles

Cut out the big circles.  If you have an X-acto knife use it to cut out the middle circles.  If you don’t, use your sharpest scissors.  And be careful!


Stack the two rings and cut a line down one side and make a little notch at the edge like this:


This slit/notch will make it easier to wrap yarn around the cardboard.  Without the slit you’d have to put the yarn through the hole and pull it up every time.  This way you can just wrap it like you’re wrapping yarn into a ball.  So now you’ll start wrapping the rings in yarn.  Keep holding them together.  You’ll see why there are two later.

You can start at an end or in the middle. Doesn't matter.

Keep wrapping it around.  Cover the rings 2-4 times depending on how thick your yarn is.  The t-shirt yarn is a lot bigger than the yarn I’d normally use, so less was better.  Once your wrapping is finished…

you’ll separate the two rings and stick a pair of sharp scissors in between them.  Cut around the circle, holding the strands in place.  You’d think they would all fall off, but they really don’t.  Regular yarn stays on better than the t-shirt yarn.

It looks like macaroni!

Cut another length of yarn and slide it between the two pieces of cardboard and tie it tightly in a knot.  Remove the cardboard.

Then snip the ends off the middle piece of yarn.  Ruffle the pom pom around a little to get the whole thing to look the same.  If there are any pieces that are too long trim them.  You should end up with a pom pom that looks like this.

Honestly, I like how these look with regular yarn better.  By the way, please don’t let kids or pets play with these!  If you pull on one strand you’ll see that it comes right out.  Not good!

Make your knit hats awesome this winter!



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