Day 7: DIY Lamp Shade


Supplies: 2 embroidery hoops, 3 dowel rods, hot glue, scissors, fabric, thin rope

I forgot to put the fabric in the picture

Time: 1 hour

I know when I made the t-shirt yarn I said I was going to have something made with it today, but I didn’t have the knitting needles I thought I did.  It’ll be here next week, I promise!  So instead I’m going to solve a decorative problem.  In my living room there’s an area with a side table that really needs something above it.  Eventually I’d like to put a light there, but it really just needs anything now.  Several weeks ago I made this “shade” to simulate a lamp.

lots of small yarn pieces- my cat made this very difficult

I was really excited when I made it, but once I put it up I didn’t really like it.  It’s a little too small and not quite the right color.  So, today I decided I’d take it down and make a new one.  I started with two really big embroidery hoops (they’re about a foot in diameter) and three dowel rods.  Actually, they didn’t have dowel rods at Michael’s, so I just used these wood things that look like miniature fence posts.  Take the outer rings off the hoops and glue the three dowels evenly around one inner hoop.

like this

Wait for those to dry and then glue the other hoop to the top.  Make sure the hoops are level or you’re shade will look warped.

Then get your fabric.  It needs to be wide enough to cover the outside of your shade with about an inch extra on either side and long enough to go all the way around.  While doing this step I glued 3-4 inch sections at a time going from one hoop to the other.  You can play with it to see what feels most comfortable for you.

half tube

As I mentioned before, make sure your fabric is long enough.  I was cutting it close to begin with and the way I glued the fabric made it a little too short.  Not to worry!  I just glued another scrap behind it and put that side in the back.


Then I got out my skinny rope, cut three long pieces, and glued the end of each piece of one of the dowels and let it dry really well.

good old hot glue

Bring the three strands together in the middle and tie a nice little knot.  Then you can leave it like that or braid the strands or whatever suits you fancy.  I braided them.  Kind of like this:

exactly like this, actually

Then put a hook in the ceiling and tie the rope to the hook.  Cut off the extra and there you go!  If you wanted to put a light in your shade (I have no idea if that would be safe, so make sure it is before you do this) you could braid the cord into the rope to make it blend in.  Eventually I’ll look into the safety thing and let you know.

empty spot no longer

I like this a lot more than the red one.  Maybe I can put my table lamp below it to make it look like it has light.  T-shirt yarn next week, I promise!



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