Day 6: Kaleidoscope Rice


Supplies: Rice, dye or food color, vinegar, sandwich bags, wax paper, jars

Ready to go

Time: 3o minutes to prepare, 3-5 hours to dry (depending on liquid used)

Craftgawker is one of my favorite craft sites.  It’s a daily collection of art, crafts, DIY stuff, etc. from all around the internet.  Last night while browsing the day’s updates I came across this kaleidoscope rice idea and I immediately knew what I’d make today.  Technically this is a craft geared toward kids, but who doesn’t enjoy an occasional kid craft?  Besides, this one is beautiful!

Start with about 1 cup of rice for each color you want to make.  The rice I had equaled eight cups, but I only wanted six colors, so I just used a little extra rice per color.  Put the measured rice into individual zipper bags.


Meanwhile, mix one or two tablespoons (you can eyeball it) vinegar with  your dye or food coloring.  The instructions I used called for food coloring, but I only had Rit dye, so I used that.  If you have food coloring you should probably use it instead.

primary colors- can't you tell?

Grab your first bag of rice and pour one of your colors in.  Get most of the air out and then seal the bag.  Shake and mash the rice until all the color is spread out.  Set it aside and move on to the next bag and the next color.

red rice backwards is just ecirder

When you’re done you’ll have a beautiful collection of bags like this:

Now tear off a sheet of wax paper for every color you made.  Spread the rice across the paper and let it air dry.

incidentally, those were my high school colors

A couple of my colors dried in about two hours and the rest took three or four hours.  It just depends on the amount of liquid that went in.  This would be a good thing to mix up in the morning/before bed and dry while you’re at work/overnight.  Once all my rice dried I put it in glass jars I got at the Salvation Army.  Have you ever looked at their vases?  They have tons and they’re so cheap!  I got 4 for $1 and change each!  Anyway, layer your rice or mix it together and put it out for everyone to see!

tall and thin jar for the bedroom

medium mason jar for the coffee table

small curvy vase for the sewing table

big mason jar for the craft supply shelf

It’s hard not to love colors like these!  I don’t know if they make clear plastic easter eggs, but this rice in one of those would make an awesome egg shaker!  Enjoy!


Ps- if you use food coloring you can probably eat this rice, but it’ll taste like vinegar.  Don’t eat it if you used Rit dye please!



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