Day 5: Pennant Garland


Supplies: Fabric, scissors, fabric paint, glue, thin rope

Time: 30 minutes plus 1-2 hours to let the ink dry

Today I rifled through my collection of materials for inspiration.  I went through a lot of ideas before settling on a nice rainy day project (though it was just overcast).  My bedroom walls are still pretty bare, so I decided to make a nice printed pennant garland to hang above my bed.  I started with some cheap fabric from the scrap bin and free fabric from my mom.


Next I made a template for my pennants.  I cut a square of paper and folded it in half like this:

is it hamburger or hotdog when it's a square?

Then I folded it to make a triangle like this:


I cut it out and then traced it on cardboard to make a sturdier template.  I wanted to write some positive words on the garland, so I counted my letters, added spaces, and one extra at each end and traced the triangles on the fabric.


Cut out your triangle…

so festive!

Then I whipped out my gold fabric ink and paint brush…

And painted one letter on each triangle.


Once the ink was dry I used a silver paint pen to outline the letters.  Then I measured the top of one pennant to figure out how long my rope needed to be.  I cut the rope and whipped out my glue gun again.

hot glue addiction?

Glue the triangles (make sure they’re in the right order!) onto a piece of thin rope.  That’s it!  Hang it up somewhere and enjoy your quick and easy project!

we're getting there, bedroom wall

See you tomorrow!



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