Day 3: T-Shirt Headband


Supplies: T-shirt, scissors, sewing machine or needle and thread, ruler, pen (optional), hot glue (optional)

Time: 10 minutes

I’ve decided to continue with the t-shirt theme today.  I love the idea of headbands.  They’re a pretty and easy way to keep your hair out of the way.  Unfortunately, my head is ridiculously sensitive and most headbands give me  a headache.  So I was really excited when I found this t-shirt headband idea.  Since it uses the stretch of the knit fabric instead of tight elastic it works like a headband without giving me a headache.

I dug through my fabric stash and found the bottom of a knit dress in a beautiful color.  Perfect!

Measuring the fabric

First measure your head and cut a strip of fabric (about 1.5-2” wide) to that length.  After you measure you can mark on the fabric or just eyeball it.  Just make sure you don’t cut it too short.  Cut out your strip of fabric.

I made one of these last week, but found that as soon as I stretched it over my head it was a little looser.  By the time I’d put it on a couple times it was stretched a lot and didn’t stay on.  So this time I thought I’d pre-stretch the fabric.  Give the strip of shirt a little tug to make the edges curl under a bit.

Flatten the strip (it’ll still curl a little, but not as much).  Fold the fabric lengthwise with the curled parts together.  Sew a quick seam down the side to make your headband.  I wrapped mine around my head first just to make sure I had the right fit.


You can stop there, but I took the advice of the article and made some little fabric rosettes.  I found some contrasting fabric and cut a little strip of that.


Twist the fabric and spiral it around to make a little bloom.  I used some hot glue to keep it together.  You can hand sew these if you want, but I used my handy-dandy hot glue again.  I love hot glue!  Attach the flower(s) over the seam so it won’t show.


And it’s ready to go!


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