Day 1: Felt Roses


Supplies: 4-6 sheets of felt, hot glue, pen, fabric scissors

Time: 1.5 hours

It’s day one of the Daily Craft Project, so I’ve decided to start off with something simple, quick, and pretty.  I’ve been in my apartment for about a month and a half, so I still need to make a few decorative things.  I love the idea of having flowers, but I can’t afford to be buying fresh flowers every week, so I’ve been playing with handmade flowers lately.

Today I decided to go with felt flowers.  I’ve used this method to make paper flowers before, but this was my first felt attempt.  You start with felt in your choice of colors, hot glue, a pen, and fabric scissors.

Ready for crafting!

Next you’ll trace circles on your felt.  I used a coffee can (now my hot glue stick holder), but it really doesn’t matter what size you use.  You probably don’t want to use a mixing bowl or a thimble, but you get the idea.

The glue can is the right size! How convenient!

I was able to fit four circles on each full sheet of felt.

Lots of colorful circles

Next, draw a spiral in each circle.  I like to use a regular ball point pen when I draw on felt.  I used to use fine point Sharpies, but I’ve found that a regular pen doesn’t bleed as much and looks better.

Your eyelids are getting heavy...

Next cut out the circles and then cut along the spiral lines.  You should be left with a pile of curly felt strands like this:

It's like Medusa's head in here!

Time to start wrapping.  You’ll start with the outside end of the spiral.  That end will have a point and should look like this:


Then begin rolling the felt like a cinnamon roll.  The convex part will be the petal side and the concave will be the bottom of the flower.  I like to add a couple dots of hot glue as I go along just to make the flowers a little more secure.

spinny spin spin!

Keep twirling until you get to the last little bit of the spiral.  When it gets too curved to keep rolling smoothly add a last little dab of glue and cut the rest off the spiral off.


Once you have your flowers made you’re ready to move on to the stems.  I had some drinking straws left from a previous flower project, so I decided to use those.  You could also use wire or twigs from your yard, which I’ll probably do next time.  My straws are the bendy kind because that’s all they had at the Walgreens down the street.  I don’t like the bendy straws for stems because they flop around, so I snipped off the bend and the short section.

6-year-old Alie is crying at the loss of these bendy straws.

Next I turned all the flowers upside-down to get ready to attach the stems.  Put a little plop of glue in the middle of the bottom of one flower like this:

I love my glue gun!

Then stick the end of a straw into the glue and hold it there until it’s dry enough to stand on its own.  I’m really impatient when it comes to drying glue, so I just held the straws in for a minute and then kept my eye on them to make sure they didn’t fall over.  I didn’t pay enough attention on that purple one in the back, but I just put it on the outside of the bouquet.

They're like little lollipops!

As soon as everything’s nice and dry, you’re ready to do some floral arrangement.  This is something I’m not particularly good at, but as long as you don’t see the glue and straws too much it’s good in my book.  I found this cool vase at the Salvation Army for less than $2!


close up flowers

And I put them in place next to Corky the turtle!

Let's hope the cat isn't too interested in these.

Stay tuned this week!  I’m going to be finding things to do with a bunch of t-shirts I have sitting around.




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